The Timeweepers

The Timeweepers


It’s only a matter of time but time is beginning to matter.

We’re on borrowed time and our debt does not flatter…

We squandered our starlight savings and our wishes scatter…

We may one day be evicted from dream.


Stalling for time together and investing in want of time,

He tinkers to rig the cogs and re-wheel the sprockets back an hour.

She refigures and rewires the hours forward within her pockets.

And they tamper simultaneously

As if they could put a spell on just one hour superstitiously

And through hypnosis, convince it’s sixty minutes into days

Of lifetimes, into perpetuity recycling existences,

For extending the duration of their serendipitous instances.


But even love cannot reconfigure the universal timetable.

Wind back an hour, race against the next if you must –

But the sands of time are not mechanical nor susceptible

To even the ingenuity of lovers on a quest for eternity.


Though we have fashioned ourselves timeless

And fancied ourselves ahead of time with eternity to spare

We are not timekeepers, we have no genius as tinkerers,

We are destined to be timeweepers interred.


Maybe the universe didn’t time us right,

Maybe I’ll forever be lost to the track of your time,

Maybe we’ll be forever marred by the tender scar

There to remind us of how we missed the other

In just the nick of time…


But I’ll always love how you made the hours fall away

Into pockets of forget-me-nots.


We were tenants of a dream, for a time being,

Timekeepers, daylight’s sleepers, and for a time,

Fleeing from the sleep we lost over time never to be bought

With compelling stories of love

Yet these tears are blessings too,

Blessings of years together, nevertheless, bought at a cost,

You and I cry, we were dreamers.

We’re indebted to the temporary resting places

Of heaven’s endless tenses of dream

– You and I, the Timeweepers.


© 2014. Asha Gowan. All Rights Reserved.

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Asha Gowan

I am an aspiring poet, novelist, musician, visual artist, and a die hard jazz enthusiast (partial to writing). I did not have a choice in the matter as both of my parents are creative to the core. Van Gogh beautifully painted the artist's portrait with his words: "The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others." I've made that ideal the primary catalyst for my work. Born as one of nature's esthetes, beauty is the goal of every song, every poem, every piece of art. Beauty that will touch the hearts and minds of others. I try to design my art to be healing and empathetic. I study and find intriguing people of all kinds, which informs a lot of my insights. I've drawn inspiration on the art of positivity, of spiritual uplifting from writers like Throeau, John Muir, Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman), the psalmist David, etc. Seeking a unique verve in my style, I make thorough investigations of all sorts of art and challenge myself to the hilt for the growth of my ingenuity. I am eager to share my musings with everyone here and wish to disseminate them. Thank you!

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  1. Not interred. Not weeping.
    Your time weepers need only to seize the day when together or apart. The story here never ends I think. I doubt the characters weep unless the stop following their true paths.

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