Wayfarer, Solitary Seafarer


Wayfarer, solitary seafarer

The Great heron, perhaps homeward bound,

Bends hollow oars for rowing against

The wind’s unruly tide

No fellow companions be at his side

To help man the feathered sails

Only he, whose wings the sky currents ride

Where air, a liquid buoyancy bear

Upon which he delicately paddles

And silently battles

Formidable Gust and brazen Breeze

No matter no arms, no hands they wear

Your quills compose the quivering ripples of atmosphere

In pages of your own, inscribed in scroll

Over the swelling surges of air

Your graceful plumes stroll and leisurely roll

Lissome and free of care


Wayfarer, solitary seafarer

Oh mighty heron, I do ask the perplexing question

“Where? To where will your wanderings take you?”

So inquisitive, my heart, as I watched

And endeavored to pursue

His wings, so gradually they bend

So exquisitely, they extend

With the deliberate, sedate pace of conscious purpose

Perfectly at ease,

Fretful? Not at the least

Assured in the direction of his journey’s expected end


Wayfarer, solitary seafarer

Look to the Pole Star

It shall guide you wherever you are

I wish you safe travels

Through the clouds, at times ill tempered, irascible even

Remember how stormy a season

These summer months have proven to be

Oh how I yearn to see

Where this voyage will lead

Because I am confident that there will be

An enlightenment there, just awaiting discovery

Teaching in morals and lessons of profundity

And instructing in wisdom of the greatest sanctity


Venerable heron, whose stately form is graced

Upon the backdrop of dusk’s hazy sky

Where clouds have been erased

You are honored by the Sun that bows down

Below the horizon with venerating eye

The wayfarer, the solitary seafarer homeward bound I suppose

I send words of best wishes

In beauty of poetry and prose

Through the whispers of gossiping wind

And bid you off with reluctant farewell

As the outline of your slender frame can no longer

Be deciphered amongst the trees

But in my memory I dwell

And fly with the heron onward to an isle

At the farthest reaches of the sea

Only I in his company


Of God’s golden compass you know

The mechanisms well

O’er the tumultuous sea that writhes and swells

You proceeded to go,

With the ebb and flow

As He points his finger toward northern skies

Into your ear, sayings of life He tells


Wayfarer, solitary seafarer

Captain of the sky waters grand

Seeking the grains of shore,

Of shell-speckled sand

And the hope of rest upon new lands

To you, I send goodwill of safe travels

From where I stand,

Barely able to see

Heron wings fanning

And expanding through blue breeze

As the mighty Captain of Sky Seas


© 2014. Asha Gowan. All Rights Reserved.

Published by

Asha Gowan

I am an aspiring poet, novelist, musician, visual artist, and a die hard jazz enthusiast (partial to writing). I did not have a choice in the matter as both of my parents are creative to the core. Van Gogh beautifully painted the artist's portrait with his words: "The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others." I've made that ideal the primary catalyst for my work. Born as one of nature's esthetes, beauty is the goal of every song, every poem, every piece of art. Beauty that will touch the hearts and minds of others. I try to design my art to be healing and empathetic. I study and find intriguing people of all kinds, which informs a lot of my insights. I've drawn inspiration on the art of positivity, of spiritual uplifting from writers like Throeau, John Muir, Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman), the psalmist David, etc. Seeking a unique verve in my style, I make thorough investigations of all sorts of art and challenge myself to the hilt for the growth of my ingenuity. I am eager to share my musings with everyone here and wish to disseminate them. Thank you!