Love Lettering

Love Lettering

Love letter in the mail, boxing me in a key-locked jail, what do you say?

you have letters that read like Braille

Unlettering my words assuredly from their thoughts’ places and

exhausting my secrets for bail in heartbeat chases.

Blind-eyed fingers blindsided me,

blind-guided my heart’s teachers by

memories of kisslong lingering

Back into remiss of love’s illiteracy,

untethering my nerve and his words

feel like topical illusions… dotted Braille protrusions

Posing as calligraphy, in a love letter in mail.

And the world is losing its color into a guilty blur –

in bleed of second thoughts

Admittedly like second-degree murder

of his love first degree nurtured.

Why can’t I be blind too, so that my fingertips could read,

so that my lips could lead, imagining indistinct imagery

of obstacles encumbering my way into love,

While tapping into the form of his kiss?

My hesitancy is on trial in plea of not guilty,

without defense against his poetry –

He knows I rather not see so he sings to me

in ways that I can feel,

Love letter in the mail, what should I say – a testimonial to grey?

or should I let hindsight die, should I retrospect regretfully?

Oh I would rather stumble lovestruck through the dark of uncertainty

Than see the path before me align perfectly!

So I’ll address his name in Braille on lines of heaven above …

To . . : :’ ::

From……your one and only love.

Published by

Asha Gowan

I am an aspiring poet, novelist, musician, visual artist, and a die hard jazz enthusiast (partial to writing). I did not have a choice in the matter as both of my parents are creative to the core. Van Gogh beautifully painted the artist's portrait with his words: "The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others." I've made that ideal the primary catalyst for my work. Born as one of nature's esthetes, beauty is the goal of every song, every poem, every piece of art. Beauty that will touch the hearts and minds of others. I try to design my art to be healing and empathetic. I study and find intriguing people of all kinds, which informs a lot of my insights. I've drawn inspiration on the art of positivity, of spiritual uplifting from writers like Throeau, John Muir, Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman), the psalmist David, etc. Seeking a unique verve in my style, I make thorough investigations of all sorts of art and challenge myself to the hilt for the growth of my ingenuity. I am eager to share my musings with everyone here and wish to disseminate them. Thank you!