About Asha

Asha Gowan
Asha Gowan

I am an entrepreneur, fiction writer, poet, freelancer, artist, and budding musician. My sources of inspiration span a wide range of material. I feel everything in the world is worthy of artistic re-imagination. In particular, old and abandoned landscapes, historical facts, nature, and often overlooked characters of the past and present to name a few. My creative journey has largely been predicated upon deep self exploration and understanding but I also aspire to clarify my means of expression in order to authentically reach others. I feel art is a necessary tool for connection and for uplifting the social conscience. Most of my art is dedicated to encouraging goodness, love, and inspiring poignant emotional experience. I began writing poetry, drawing here and there, and later ushered into serious fiction writing. Piano is a brand new endeavor but I feel myself growing. (You can find my first composition piece here: https://soundcloud.com/asha-gowan/sleeping-through-the-rain/comment-466689681). Though writing is my primary artistic medium, I approach each genre with an interdisciplinary approach. I believe all the arts share more in common than not. I will be taking up web/graphic design next. I am committed to progress and self mastery and I’m eager to share a little of my discoveries along the way.

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