Freelance Projects

Below, you’ll find a few of my most rewarding and challenging copywriting projects from recent years. My writing has taken me into subjects I otherwise would have never even heard about much less have been interested in.

  1. The Mapogo Project. I was hired to create a five-piece tribute (a manifesto, a eulogy, write-up, philosophy, and letter) in the perspective of a deceased lion by the name of Rasta and his pride. At first, I had NO idea how I would do it all but it my first freelancing project ever so I accepted the challenge. I learned about these magnificent lions from my research and the saw how great their fame was when reading the posts of the Mapogo Lion Facebook interest group. Excerpt from the Manifesto portion below:

I am Rasta, one of the mightiest among you. Listen to my words. Brothers, we have staked our claim. This is the Mapogo order. Some call us guardians, praising us as kings. Others would blaspheme and curse us as despots. It is the custom of the spineless to vilify the strong. No matter – we are legend. These vast lands shall never again produce our kind. Our ironclad alliance will outlast even the stars. Discipline your offspring according to our way. Teach them valor. Your sons will perpetuate the prosperity of our generation. My warriors, do not fail to enforce your rule. Do not rest in times of peace. Hunt down your adversaries and attack under cover of the night. Kings do not sleep.

We are the dark-maned harbingers of death. Let the taste of blood always be fresh upon your tongue until, to the north, east, west, and south, there stretch miles free of those wayward males. Cut them off so that they have no chance to rise up and oust you. Let not neighboring prides trespass without trembling. Our presence unnerves even the elephants. Tusks, horns, and trampling feet do not make us crouch in fear. Sniveling hyenas stay far off from our kill. We do not countenance cowards. Our roar blazons in the wind and carries the warning far beyond our borders. We wield the thunder in our paws and crush the impudent. No one shall usurp our kingdom. We have left our prints upon the earth, trailing the blood of those who dare threaten our sovereignty in the dust.

2. The Yoga Instructor’s blog. This project was a blast. I worked with this client to make sure she was differentiated from the million other yoga teachers out there. I worked to bring her personality through while maintaining focus on her services. Excerpt below:

Originally from Wyckoff, New Jersey, I have always known the metropolis scene.

Today, I live right in the middle of New York City’s electric life. I get it. It’s a city where the hustle and bustle never stops and your anxious to jump into the next best thing.

I love the buzz but I would definitely get lost in it if I didn’t find time to center myself while managing a schedule that looks something like this… preparing to be a mom, renting the downstairs of my house to a few guys who play in a band, gardening, running the East Coast division of a start up visual experience company, traveling, cooking, being a good wife, and practicing yoga.

Balance is essential to my philosophy of survival. Though I’m always in motion, I know how to replenish the well and refuel.

I use my mornings to prepare for the day before launching into the city pace like a lion.

That’s why I created Morning Rebel.

I want to bring the art of balance to my students: Be a New Yorker, do your thing, get in shape, master focus, and find peace of mind at the same time. Mind, body, and soul.

My teaching will offer you these key techniques:

  • Focus on the Essential
  • Intensify Connection
  • Balance Elegance with Ease
  • Love Perseverance
  • Seek Unity
  • Live with Purpose
  • Love Yourself

3. The Health Professional’s bio. For this particular assignment, I extracted an engaging and compelling bio statement from a highly experienced and trained health professional’s CV. She had been in medicine for several years and was taking her practice to a small clinic located in Alaska. I learned a tremendous amount about her practice. She was quite the impressive woman! Excerpt below:

Mrs. Milgrim graduated with a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Her qualifications include 7 years of experience as a physician assistant also touting several certifications such as Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider. Experienced with working under pressure, Mrs. Milgrim has also had training in Tactical Combat Medical Care where she learned hemorrhage control, airway management, torso trauma, and overall maintenance of trauma victims while waiting for delayed evacuation. She has been a Battalion Physician Assistant and Primary Care Manager for 600 United States Army soliders while employed for the airborne 425th Brigade Special Troops Battalion.

With deep knowledge of current medical standards, diagnosis, imaging, pharmacology and treatment options, she is in a unique position to render exceptional care.

Mrs. Milgrim has performed procedural interventions such as trigger point injections, peripheral nerve blocks and intraarticular joint injections. She has also provided first-assist duties in the OR such as craniotomies.  Spinal procedures such as laminectomies, foraminotomies, discectomies and fusions are also included in her skill set.